User Instructions

The Charlie Mat is made of Double Wall Fabric (DWF) which is a coated nylon joined by thou- sands of vertical fibres that are uniform in size. When welded into a desired shape and pressurised with air, it is transformed into a strong, hard surface.

How to Use

Unpack and roll out your Charlie Mat onto a soft surface. Carpet is required under your mat and for the long term care of the mat it must not be put directly onto any hard or rough surface including grass, concrete and pavers. If this is desired we strongly suggest purchasing marine carpet or something similar to put between your mat and the hard surface

Once mat is unrolled and flat locate the air valve and unscrew the cap. Unpack pump ensuring the nozzle is in the inflate outlet on the body of the pump and lock into the valve. Turn the pump on and inflate mat until it is firm. This should take approximately two and half minutes for the 3m mat dependant on desired firmness and five minutes for the 6m mat. Once mat is full and firm unlock and pump and replace lid.

Your Mat is Now Ready to Use

From time to time you will need to add air to the mat dependent on how often the mat is in use. In warmer months you will need to release some air out of your mat prior to storing as the air will expand in the heat and put pressure on the seams of your mat.

To deflate you will need to move the nozzle on the pump to the deflate outlet. Again unscrew the cap of the air valve and lock in the pump, put the air pump on and your mat will deflate again this will take a couple of minutes dependent on the size of the mat.

Care for Your Mat

To look after your mat we suggest the mat is not left out in the elements on a permanent basis. Your mat should not be used outdoors on days when the temperature is excessive or left out overnight.

To get the best longevity out of your mat it is best stored inflated.

To wash your mat you should use soapy water and ensure it is dried in full before storage or being deflated.  Do not deflate and store a wet mat.

If you have any problems with your mat or have any further questions please contact us at

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